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Make sure you are writing them effectively! The purpose of a Headline is to stop your reader in their tracks… Make them think Entice them to read on Relate to them (problem or desire) Learn 7 Styles of headline writing! See the 1 hour video about Headlines in the Neworld Web Video Library! ~Shameless  




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ASK… for a Referral Create a Referral Portfolio! Offer a Referral Program Promote both! See the 1 hour video about Referrals in the Neworld Web Video Library! ~Shameless  



5 Reasons to Network

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Networking can occur anywhere. With today’s online communities it also occurs on the Internet at the many Social Networking sites. These Social Networking sites are offering new and amazing opportunities but the reasons why we need to network remain the same. # 1: Build Relationships with Potential Clients When we build relationships, we automatically will […]



“10 Ways to Handle Stress”

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Dawn and Judith Tremblay from Paths to ChangeI filmed a 1 hour webinar about “Stress”… To view that show please click here.  “10 Ways to Handle Stress” Lets begin at the beginning… What IS Stress?   Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and […]



The Six Stages of Change

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Last month Judith from Paths to Change wrote a great article about the “stages of change”… Ah, June has arrived. Hopefully our great northern city is finished with snow till next winter, and frost. Our living room was like a jungle for the last two weeks of May as we had to bring all our […]



Clutter and Hoarding

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  Posted on: January 28th, 2013 in the “Paths To Change” blog… by Judith Tremblay When my husband and I sold our home a little over a year ago and were moving to a smaller place, I became aware of how much stuff we had accumulated in the years we lived in our home. Downsizing […]



Saying Thank You

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Saying Thank You It sounds simple. We all do it. It has been ingrained in us since we were children. Unfortunately though, the wheels of business revolve with such spin and speed these days that we roll right over this graciousness. If it goes without saying, then sometimes that means that we just don’t say […]



Discovering Your Money Personality

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February Already? I am one month into my “semi-retirement” and I have never been busier!  I am having the time of my life though! Awhile ago, Dawn and I filmed a 1 hour video on Neworld Web about “Discovering Your Money Personality”.  We focused on understanding where it originated and defining which personality most reflects […]



Chris Steingart from QT Web Designs

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“When I first met Michael I was working month to month, creating a considerable amount of stress. Michael encouraged me to focus my energy in the right places to create a passive income for my business. Today, I am able to view work as an option and not a necessity thanks to several passive income […]



Improve your Self-Mastery

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  Give yourself a gift this season… The true mindset and techniques that I now use to guide my own life. We will talk about… Clear decision making Strong creative leadership Increased emotional intelligence Improved work/life balance Reduced stress levels Letting go of bad habits & behaviour Energy: what it is and how it effects […]