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Neworld, in conjunction with, is currently filming its very last webinar! Do YOU struggle with completing your goals, managing your time and getting everything on your list accomplished? Set in 3 parts… this video series (complete with workbooks) will explain the entire system that Neworld has been teaching its clients for more than 10 […]



So long… it’s been a great ride!

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Neworld Coaching 2 Comments

  Well my friends…  after nearly 10 years, 47 Beehive Games, 200 webinars, 2 000 FREE Chats, 94 monthly newsletters and many many clients… it is time for me to leave you all and move on to other paths in life.  Business Coaching was my passion for many years.  The thrill of sharing information and […]



What’s in a Name? EVERYTHING!

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Whether is it “Naming” your Company or “Naming” a new Product, keep your Brand Identity intact and consider these points… Easy to market Simple to spell and pronounce Effortless to remember Is not comprised of Spam Words Conveys your competitive edge Stirs client interest Represents what you represent Doesn’t confuse you with a similar business […]



10 Secrets of Outrageously Successful Business Owners!

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Definition of Success… The attainment of wealth, position or honour! Secret #1 EXPECT TO WIN… Everyone experiences “highs & lows. Outrageously successful people EXPECT to succeed over the long run. Success is the ONLY option. What are you currently “tolerating”? Make a *decision* today to succeed and “Cut the Cord” on all other possible outcomes. […]



Common Sense

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One of the most common misconceptions in business is that “knowing how to grow your business” is just common sense If this were true, many more small businesses would be extremely successful. As it is, 85% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years. Are YOU making your decisions based on what you feel […]



How To Coach U!

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Coaching is about being your absolute best. It is about performance, staying the course and creating the life that you truly want. Many people use Coaches to make more money, improve their businesses, and better their quality of life in general. The most important factor about Coaching is to learn to adapt and live up […]



5 Ways to Become Wealthy!

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Recently I read an inspiring article by Brian Tracy. He is one of my favourite mentors and I would like to share one of his philosophies with you. The following is an excerpt from one of his newsletters. The Five Roads to Financial Success and How to Choose Your Own There are basically five ways […]



The Truth About Advertising and Publicity!

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General forms of media (newspapers, television etc.) provide their audiences with two kinds of information. There are advertisements that tell people about businesses and there are news stories that inform the public about what is going on in a certain business. Which do you think will be more memorable? Here is a better question… Which […]



5 Ways to UPSELL!

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The Add On The Up Grade The Exclusive The Combo The Post-Sale Discount See the 1 hour video about the 5 Ways to UPSELL in the Neworld Web Video Library! ~Shameless    



Someone has some exciting news…

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Congratulations Deborah! but we will let Deb tell you her news… Check out the photo to the left of this text, folks… behold the Neworld Coaching poster child for hanging onto the DAY JOB for an inordinate amount of time following the launch of a new business! However, as many Neworld clients have done before […]