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Murray Fuhrer from Extreme Esteem

Posted on: June 7th, 2013 by Neworld Coaching No Comments

“I love this guy! Mike speaks from the heart and shoots from the hip. Expect Mike to challenge you – inspire you – and change the way you think about work and play. Spend some time with Mike – he’ll shine a light on your challenges and guide you to finding your strengths. Hang on […]



Write a Book

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by Neworld No Comments

Most people would find this a very daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be.  Being published can open many doors that may not be open to you now.  It can gain you career & personal recognition along with credibility and authority status in your business. Most people are experts in something, and a […]



Neworld Web Connect is relaunching!

Posted on: April 7th, 2010 by Neworld 1 Comment

On April 5th we are relaunching our automated emailing system (the one that is sending YOU this newsletter!) and we have an extra super offer for you… This system has been enhanced and upgraded to help you send the finest of email campaigns and auto-responders. Unlimited emails to unlimited lists can now be sent in […]



Day 30 e-copy

Posted on: March 2nd, 2010 by Neworld 1 Comment

Day 30 e-copy Now that your book has been safely sent to a self publication company…take the copy of your book and convert it to a PDF. Send your PDF to your friends, relatives and colleagues to read! Ask them for their feedback and testimonials. Also…ask them to keep track of the page numbers where […]