How we Made 100K in Facebook

A 3 part webinar series based on the 15 strategies that Neworld Coaching uses for success in Facebook!


These strategies will work for anyone… in any business… no matter how often Facebook makes changes!

For those that know me, you know that I am not a “quick fix” type of man, nor someone that claims to hold the key to instant millions. I am simply Michael Fletcher… Business Coach. I teach small to medium sized business owners how to systematically reach the goals. I teach REAL strategies for long term growth…

In January of 2009 I opened my Facebook profile. I tried meeting as many people as possible and quickly grew my “friend list” to 3000. Then my account was disabled a few times for breaking the rules (I had not read them all) and thanks to my great Assistant… my account was reinstated each time. I realized quickly that I had to change my methods.

That is when we began our experiment. I had written a book a few years ago that chronicled my step by step system for “Networking for Success”, so I decided to adjust my online techniques to reflect the same principles… AND IT WORKED!!! Immediately I saw a different reaction from my “Friends” and began attracting my target market.

Purchase this webinar series and you can expect to…

  • Bond with people on FB in order to create real business relationships
  • Hear ALL 15 Strategies that YOU can also apply in only 1 hour/day!
  • Learn how to attract your target market to your profile
  • Understand how to play by the rules and protect your profile
  • Hear how to endear yourself to friends by performing a simple, yet surprisingly overlooked daily task.
  • Discover the value of Automation• Learn how to look for opportunities in almost every interaction
  • Much much more!

By now you are most likely asking yourself… “How much is he going to charge me for this? $300? $400? Maybe even $1000?”

NOPE! There are far too many people out here who claim to have the answers to making money online… and the way there are doing it is by charging YOU an arm and a leg!  That is NOT the Neworld Way!

In order to truly make this series affordable to everyone we have decided to offer it for only $40.00 CDN for all 3 shows (including recordings and workbooks of course).

Yes… ALL 15 strategies that you can ALWAYS use will remain the same… no matter what changes Facebook throws our way! Ready to dive in and  grow your business on Facebook the “Neworld Way”?

OR Contact the office for e-transfer or cheque options or non-taxable out of Canada billing!

Warning: Some people claim to provide a guarantee that YOU personally will make enormous amounts of money in Social Networking by following their strategies…

Neworld simply claims that these strategies have worked for us… our many clients all over the world… and hundreds of friends of mine on Facebook. The amount of money that you directly generate through relationships in online media is dependent on you, your company and how you implement these strategies.

Hope to “see” you online!

~Michael Fletcher

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