DIY Small Business Builder!

An email program that is based on the teachings from Neworld’s SBGC101 & 102 courses.

Each week you will receive an email lesson which will guide you towards the “Next Steps” in your business!

YOU handle the “Accountability”. You be your “Own Judge”. YOU can “Do it Yourself”!

Here are some of the amazing lessons we will be teaching you in this program…

  • Defining your Mission/Vision & USP
  • Creating a strong 30 Second verbal commercial that provides results!
  • Follow up techniques
  • Networking for Results
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Defining and setting reachable goals
  • Client care and the importance of Surveys
  • Sales (prospect, present & close)
  • Exit strategies
  • Joint venturing
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • much much more…

Just imagine where your business can be in 6 months!

Are you…

  • Motivated
  • Energetic
  • Open minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dedicated
  • and Absolutely READY to grow your business?

Step by Step…

Purchase the “DIY Small Business Builder” email program for only $75.00 CDN

You will be then directed to a “SIGN IN” page, and when you are ready to start the clock on your 26 weeks of DIY Coaching… simply fill in the form to sign in! This is an automatic program that begins when you “sign in” for the first time.

With 15 minutes you will receive your first Lesson and begin to formulate your plan!

Every week for 26 weeks you will receive another Lesson! Save everything in a folder on your computer so you can refer to it any time! The emails and the links will not expire!

This amazing “Low Cost” system from Neworld includes our 3 part video series ‘How we made 100K in Facebook” (value $40) in week 19’s lesson!

Ready to dive in and “Do it Yourself”?

OR Contact the office for e-transfer or cheque options or non-taxable out of Canada billing!