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Michael is available to speak in person or virtually (via the “Neworld Web” internet system) to any group or organization!

Speaking Topics:

The following is just a sampling of the variety of issues that effect business today. Michael Fletcher is an expert in the art of improving all areas of business, and is willing to share his expertise on all issues. Contact the office to discuss your needs.

Make it “Shameless”

Hear Michael speak about the contents of his amazing book “Shameless” a Business Coach’s Guide to SUCCE$$. Learn more than 50 ways to promote your business, how to create a profitable referral system and the fine art of Networking effectively. Accelerated learning techniques are used to promote awareness and growth within your business.

This is an all day event

“Shameless” Referrals

Most businesses use only 2 ways to gain referrals. Michael teaches business owners many many more. This informative and creative lecture guarantees to increase the client base with ease.

This is a 2 ½ hour event

“Shameless” Promotions

Michael Fletcher continues his popular “Shameless” Series with more than 50 ways to promote your business! Dawn Smith joins him for an enlightening lecture, to say the least! This lecture is for anyone who owns a business and wants to think “outside the box” You will be saying “WOW….Why didn’t I think of that!”

This is a 2 ½ hour event

“Shameless” Networking

Networking is a skill that many people think they have and simply don’t. Michael will give you the basic skills that you need to network effectively and increase your profitability with ease.

This is a 2 ½ hour event

“Secrets to avoiding Entrepreneurial Death due to Box Stores”

Is there a large box store that has recently arrived, or is about to arrive in your fair city? Are you as a local business owner worried about your bottom line in this event of this happening? Michael Fletcher’s “Secrets” lecture is a must. He will show how to use box stores to your advantage and not only save, but improve your business.

This is a 2 ½ hour event

Productivity Plus

Michael offers the most profound advice on how to be more productive. He will explain the 80/20 principle and show your how to use your time to the betterment of your businesses and life.

This is a 2 ½ hour event

Practicing Your Conversational Verbal Commercials

Do you really know how to answer the question “What do you do”? Do you stumble or ramble or give a 3 or 4 word explanations?

Knowing how to explain who you are and what you do in a manner that is both inviting and memorable is an asset to anyone in the business community!

Join Michael as he walks you through the various exercises of creating your short, medium and long conversation verbal commercials.

The length of this event is dependent on the number in attendance.

Events Options:

Beehive Game “Live”

Bring the crew of Neworld Coaching to your group and learn to network like never before. This is down and dirty…get the job done…full contact Networking at its best! Ask for anything you desire and receive a lead for it.

Click Here to see this game “Live” from the FEO Conference in London!

Contact us for more details

This is usually a 3 hour event playing 4 “rounds”

“Intimate” Alliances

An evening for “Speed Networking” in search of Joint Ventures!!

Create joint ventures and meaningful business relationships in an intimate and personal atmosphere.

This is usually a 4 hour event.

Contact us for more details