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Someone has some exciting news…

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by Neworld Coaching No Comments

Congratulations Deborah! but we will let Deb tell you her news… Check out the photo to the left of this text, folks… behold the Neworld Coaching poster child for hanging onto the DAY JOB for an inordinate amount of time following the launch of a new business! However, as many Neworld clients have done before […]



Lois Raats from Ready2Grow!

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…an old testimonial we found from a fellow Coach!  Thanks Lois! “Neworld Q&A is a great way to get quick answers to your pressing business issues. Michael always has great ideas…you’ll learn something new every time you listen to him!” Lois Raats MEd CCC BCC Business Coach Ready2Grow Associates



Deborah from

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  “Engaging Dawn as my Business Coach was one of my best decisions yet! Dawn’s approach to coaching is truly holistic, taking goals from every aspect of my life into account. I’ve come to rely on her intuition and advice to improve my business and to deal with the occasional challenge. I really appreciate how she asks questions and listens exceptionally […]



Iva Ursano from Feng Shui Forever

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Dawn and Michael Fletcher are two people that I absolutely admire and have helped me so much in my business. Dawn is a doll and always there to help me, no matter what!  I love her enthusiasm, her no nonsense attitude, her knowledge and her passion to help business owners grow and stay on track! […]



Judith Tremblay from Paths To Change!

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“I highly recommend Neworld Web Connect for ALL of your bulk emailing needs!  NWC is a simple system that you can use to send email campaigns and auto-responders by scheduling them to go to your lists in advance!  I love it!  I use it to send my monthly newsletter as well as my weekly “Paths […]



Murray Fuhrer from Extreme Esteem

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“I love this guy! Mike speaks from the heart and shoots from the hip. Expect Mike to challenge you – inspire you – and change the way you think about work and play. Spend some time with Mike – he’ll shine a light on your challenges and guide you to finding your strengths. Hang on […]



Jody from Mystic Bookshop

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Mystic Bookshop in London Ontario “Hi folks, When we visit with you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or for a webinar series, the cat &I commonly open a wordfile for note taking & brainstorming. We both thought that last night’s recommendation swap with an associate (through comments, tweets, posts on Facebook etc, a p.s. in your […]



Chris Steingart from QT Web Designs

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“When I first met Michael I was working month to month, creating a considerable amount of stress. Michael encouraged me to focus my energy in the right places to create a passive income for my business. Today, I am able to view work as an option and not a necessity thanks to several passive income […]



Monique Gerber from Shout it Out!

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“Hey Dawn and Michael… I just finished listening to the recording from last night and I have to say, I loved it! I got something from each question that was asked! All I can say is “wow”! Thank-you for your great answer to my question as well. I love working with both of you. And […]



Jennifer Coxworthy from Richvale Saddlery

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“I am extremely pleased to have connected with Neworld.  We have been in business for over 20 years and have found the face of business changing very rapidly. Neworld has provided me with a wealth of information and the tools to better run our business and our life.  I have looked at other programs and […]