What is Coaching?

Business Coaching by definition is…

A “business support industry” that is aimed at helping Business Owners to…  plan, start, grow and even exit themselves from their Company

A Business Coach has been where YOU are, and is now where you WANT to be. He/she will help you to become the best person you are in all areas of your life. All great athletes have coaches, whose sole purpose is to help their athletes achieve their goals. An exceptional sporting coach will push an athlete to go the “extra mile” , provide support when needed and most importantly…teach the athlete the execute plays that their competitors have not anticipated.

So if you think of YOUR business as a competitive sport in which you desire to do well…then you need a good Coach.

The Neworld Coaching SUCCE$$ System is designed for people who are business owners, people controlling their own earnings, and those who are interested in starting their own business. Since the world of business is moving rapidly, many business owners have realized that “KNOWLEDGE is POWER!” and having a Business Coach is no longer a luxury, but a definite necessity. Neworld Coaching will not only show you how to increase your profits and revenues, but also how to grow in your business so that you can relax more and work less.

A good Business Coach should be a wealth of information and have access to every resource you will need to grow and endeavor.

Coaching is distinctively different from Mentoring and Consulting.

Business Coaching is not Mentoring. Mentoring involves a relationship between a more experienced “mentor” and a less experienced “student”. It is usually an exchange of ideas without an exchange of money.

Business Coaching is certainly NOT consulting. A Consultant will adjudicate the needs of a Company and offer their services to fill that need or repair a situation or problem. A Consultant will do the work for you, whereas a Business Coach will advise, hold your hand, pump you up and wave you in from third…but they DO NOT run the bases for you!

True “Growth” in business occurs when the work is done by the person who stands to lose the most…the Business Owner themselves!