Meet The “Crew”

Michael Fletcher CEO/Founder of Neworld Coaching:

Michael Richard Fletcher is a self-proclaimed graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Learning to overcome obstacles and to hold himself accountable to a higher standard in everything that he does has helped him to become the mentor, Coach and entrepreneur that he is today. Michael set down his roots in a secure, loving home in Kitchener, Ontario before moving on to serve for twelve years in the Canadian Military. A decorated soldier, Michael served for some of his military career in the Arctic, working with aircraft and heavy equipment and training tractor trailer drivers. A career highlight for Michael occurred when he was invited to drive the processional car for Pope John Paul II.

Following his retirement from the Military, Michael tried his hand at entrepreneurship and hasn’t worked for anyone but himself since! With diverse experience in sales, DJ services, landscaping and construction to build upon, Michael undertook to build the largest massage company in Canada in just over two years. Riding on the tails of his company’s nomination for Business of the year, Michael sold the business and settled down, in his early forties, to enjoy a well-deserved and LONG retirement…or so he thought.

Then, as Michael describes it, he was struck with what he calls his “orange light bulb moment.” He recognized the impact that both his entrepreneurial and life experience, and the systems that he had created through his years in business, could have on other business owners. Suddenly, rest and relaxation didn’t seem so attractive after all. With the invaluable assistance of his wife Dawn, Michael built yet another new business based on the experience from all of his past endeavors.

Since the launch of Neworld Coaching, Michael has published his Shameless book, met with several of the greatest mentors of our time, including Mark Victor Hansen and John DeMartini, and given numerous media interviews, speeches and other public appearances. While Coaching is still its core element, Neworld Coaching has branched out from offering Coaching programs, networking events and public speaking to include an email marketing service Neworld Web Connect, and the Neworld Web webinar hosting service.

Today, Michael is exactly where he wants to be and doing exactly what he wants to do—working to help small and medium sized business owners to take action and reach their personal and professional goals. In his own words, Michael LOVES the work he does to inspire and empower people to live in their higher self for the betterment of the world.

Dawn Fletcher Executive Assistant/VP:

Dawn Fletcher is the third-generation embodiment of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit.  Being “in business” has always been a big part of her life, and as she grew up, Dawn took a keen interest in all things pertaining to businesses and to business owners. In the course of her travels across Europe and North America, she has also worked to develop a global understanding of the essence of entrepreneurship and has kept that knowledge with her for all of her life.

A life-long resident of the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Dawn came of age working in her grandfather’s menswear store and moved on to partnering with her mother in Country Cupboard, (later the Pie and Perogie Place), a food services business supplying farmers’ markets and grocery store chains. Dawn estimates that she has personally hand-made over one million perogies! Following the retirement of the business in 2001, Dawn worked with a major catering company, which helped her to understand business operations on a larger scale. She was regularly allowed creative input, and was thrilled to see her own ideas implemented by the company and her products distributed to clients.

Then, as Dawn puts it, she reconnected with Michael Fletcher and everything changed! She took the business savvy, creativity and administrative abilities that she had gleaned from her years in the catering business and, with Michael’s coaching, applied them to Michael’s business Neworld Coaching. At first, Dawn was happy to help Michael to live out his dream to educate business owners and work with them toward achieving their goals—until she came to realize that her own experience and knowledge could benefit entrepreneurs almost as much as Michael’s could.

Dawn’s role in the growth and development of Neworld Coaching has expanded and evolved since its launch in 2006. Over the past several years, Dawn has touched thousands of business owners worldwide through her online classes, webinars, and Coaching sessions. She takes her Coaching role very seriously, and goes well beyond simply teaching, supporting and encouraging her clients. She also works with them to create industry-specific products and services, maximize social networking and email marketing opportunities, and implement personalized systems for goal setting, time management and business planning.

Because she and Michael are absolutely passionate and committed to Neworld Coaching, they love to share their knowledge with entrepreneurs everywhere. In fact, most products and services offered through their company are given absolutely free—with no strings attached. Dawn is living out her dream of inspiring and empowering her clients, friends and associates to live a life of fulfillment and SUCCE$$ and that, she notes, is the very BEST reward!


Deborah Plouffe: Copywriting & Editing

A wonderful entrepreneur who has been a client and associate of Neworld Coaching since the beginning of 2010. Deborah has been in business since 2002 but has recently re-branded and reinvented her company as

I really admire that she has made the decision to follow her passion for writing and to build her business around that talent. In fact, Dawn and I look forward to reading anything that she writes both to and for us.

She believes, as we do in the Neworld, that you can’t underestimate the value of a professional image and consistent branding…and the quality of the correspondence that your business puts out is no exception.

She’s so confident about what can do for you, that she offers a “first hour free” promotion on any new assignment.

Go ahead and check out her website at the links above OR send her an email at .  Just don’t think you can completely steal her from the Neworld!!!


David Hanscom

David Hanscom is a long time associate of the Neworld who has begun to use and teach the “Neworld Way” of Business Coaching with HIS clients!

David’s career began with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services while living in Bermuda. His background includes work in radio, television, concert and event production. In 1998 David moved to Jacksonville, FL and after reading “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” by Stacy Zemon, he started Y? Entertainment, Inc. David is also a career, event and marketing consultant to businesses and individuals nationwide.

He was the first elected President of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers in 2007 and is the current President of the North Florida Professional DJ Association. David has been a contributing writer to National Entertainer and Mobile Beat magazines.

David is also very passionate about Community Service. In conjunction with the NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars football team, David hosts a school program (about 50 shows per year) with the team mascot that focuses on teaching children about goal setting, achievement, and believing in themselves even when times are tough.

David believes that his life really started moving in the right direction when he discovered the power of aligning himself with experienced mentors — people who had achieved success in their lives and were willing to teach him how to properly create a plan and market himself and his business in a successful manner.

It is now David’s mission to do the same thing for others. His experiences have motivated him to become a mentor to those who are serious about achieving their goals to attain success.