My Neworld Goodbye… for now!

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Dawn Fletcher
For many years I have written this newsletter and shared the Neworld Coaching views and lessons with all of you!

The FYI by Dawn section has included tidbits of info that I have found helpful in business.  I have discussed everything from photo resizing to pdfs to learing how to use wordpress etc.  Techy stuff made simple…

In my final newsletter edition of this section I would like to share the most important lesson that I have learned in business…


If you tell someone that you will be there… THEN BE THERE! (not late)

If you give a client a deadline… MEET IT

etc etc I could insert more examples but I am sure you understand the meaning.

Nothing will ruin your reputation or cause you to lose control of your business faster that breaking your word.  That is a fact.  Doing what you say you will do builds trust and THAT can be the strongest cement!

It is really not a difficult concept… watch what you say and think before you speak.  You cannot “unring” a bell…

When you give your word… keep it!  Loyalty and trust will follow you forever if you do!


P.S.  While I highly doubt that Mike will be contributing any articles to the website or blog in the future, I do promise to post from time to time as I find information that will fill in some “gaps”.  I am not too sure when I will begin posting again… but you have my WORD that I will do so! 🙂


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