So long… it’s been a great ride!

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Michael Fletcher

Well my friends…  after nearly 10 years, 47 Beehive Games, 200 webinars, 2 000 FREE Chats, 94 monthly newsletters and many many clients… it is time for me to leave you all and move on to other paths in life. 

Business Coaching was my passion for many years.  The thrill of sharing information and guiding business owners toward their goals gave me complete satisfaction and pride.  A wonderful side effect of this is that by practicing what I preach and following my own business advice I am now able to give myself the absolute freedom to step away and enjoy a life of following any path I choose.

Life is made up of choices.  We all have the ability to choose our own direction. There are no victims.  If you do what you truly love, then you will find the path to make is successful. My hope for you is that you choose to be happy and content with your life.

Decide what you truly want… research how others have made their dreams a reality… create a plan for YOURSELF and go for it!  YOU CAN DO IT!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel my message has been heard.  I have helped the people I was meant to help and I have done what I intended to do.  Most importantly I have learned so many things from the people I have been associated with.  I thank you all for that!

The Neworld Coaching website is filled with hundreds of articles, blog posts and videos that can guide people to success and I believe that most of these messages are timeless.  I will be leaving the website “live” and Dawn will be adding some blog posts from time to time as she cleans out her computer and finds information that it not yet displayed on the website.  Please use this information and share it with anyone!

Neworld Web Connect
is completely uneffected by my departure… it has been Dawn’s baby since the beginning and she will continue it as usual!

Dawn is presently working on our final video series which will give you the basis of the Neworld Coaching Success System once and for all!  “Painless” will include ALL of our Planners… complete with explanations of how to use them. Set in 3 parts it will explain the complete system of Goal Setting, Time Management and Follow Through.  I highly suggest that you have a look and see if it is something YOU might like to own.  Click Here to see it…

I feel now that I am meant for other things…

My family… with the recent passing of my Father I can see that spending more time with my Mother and siblings will bring me great peace and contentment.  When I look back on his amazing life I can see that a true lesson he taught me was to have hobbies and to expand myself and build memories in more ways than just business.

Pretty Cakes… the business owned by my pretty wife Dawn.  For nearly 10 years she worked tirelessly with  Neworld Coaching doing ALL the tasks that were necessary for our success.  It is NOW time for ME to return the favour.  I honestly look forward to working with Dawn and helping her to follow her passion and fill in the gaps where she is weak, as she did for me over the years! Perhaps I will even attend her school in Chicago and become a “Master Baker” (lol I just LOVE that title).

I have many personal “irons in the fire” and as I look toward my mid fifties I am grateful for the opportunities I have for bringing them all, or as many as I CHOOSE, to fruition.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

So long for now… and thank you… for as many lessons as I have taught to you, I have also learned from you!


P.S. Make a Plan… and stick to it!

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  1. About 4 years ago I decided I wanted to start my own business after a 30 year corporate management career. The first thing I did was take your small business course and found it very helpful in taking those first steps, not the least of which was quitting my job. Today I am actively running my fitness and wellness business and helping others through a small networking group. I met with a Woman today, who just started a business after retirement, and I looked up your company to see if you still offered the course and came across this post. Strange and coincidental timing. I am grateful for what I learned from NEWORLD and wish you all the best.

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