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Neworld, in conjunction with, is currently filming its very last webinar! Do YOU struggle with completing your goals, managing your time and getting everything on your list accomplished? Set in 3 parts… this video series (complete with workbooks) will explain the entire system that Neworld has been teaching its clients for more than 10 yrs!

  • Part 1 will focus on setting realistic goals in all areas of your life!
  • Part 2 will explain the art of Time Management and how YOU can use your calendar wisely in order to accomplish as much as possible and still have time for family and rest!
  • Part 3 will show you how you can follow through and motivate yourself in order to get it ALL done!

During the first week of December we will make this video series available to the general public for a price of $99! We are currently pre-selling only 100 copies of the series to our associates and social media friends for the low price of only $60 cdn! This pre-sale will end the moment we sell 100 copies or when we officially launch the series at the beginning of December. Since we have NOT completed filming… we are estimating the length of the 3 parts to be more than 3 hours long… Here is what you will receive…

  • Zip file of 3 recordings
  • 3 workbooks
  • BONUS-5 Minute Fixes e-book from
  • BONUS-3 hour video series from Neworld (How to Create Passive Income)
  • BONUS ONLY FOR PRE-SALE- Neworld’s complete 13hr Meetings with the Maters series! (Michael’s interviews with 13 Millionaires and Billionaires!)

So… if YOU would like to be receive 1 of the 100 copies… contact me now and set aside your copy today!

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